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Big Shiny Diamonds Wayuu Backpack

Manufacturer WAYUUNAIKI

Handbags or backpacks Wayuunaiki, handmade, original and genuine fruit of the inspiration of each Wayuu craftsman, available in different colors, with variation of fabrics, designs and colors. The pattern from one backpack to another is not repeated.
$ 89.900

With shipment Envio Standar for $ 9.800


WAYUU artisan women, are dedicated to the weaving of chinchorros or hammocks for sleeping, backpacks or purses for ladies, and colored blankets; Making these products improve your quality of life. For this reason with your purchase you are not only paying a fair price for your work, you are also helping to continue developing the Wayuu communities of La Guajira. Each bag has an average manufacturing process of 20 days. The Wayuu backpack represents a part of the history of our Country and is the best way to transmit our identity to other cultures. If you wish, Wayuunaiki allows you to choose the color and design of your backpack and the hanger; Remember, the model is unique and will not be repeated. SPECS They are ORIGINAL Wayuu backpacks hand woven in two-wire crochet.

They exist in two measures: THE STANDARD BACKPACKS are 23 cm in diameter by 28 cm in height and their average weight is 0.5 kg. THE MINI BACKPACK, has a measure of 14 cm in diameter by 15 cm in height and its average weight is 0.3 kg.

WARRANTY - We guarantee that the backpacks are made 100% by Wayuu Indigenous artisans from the department of La Guajira. - The warranty covers manufacturing and quality defects for a period of 3 months.

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